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Operable Partition & Glass Wall Repair & Maintenance
Through our nationwide service network, we proudly offer the industry’s widest offering of operable partition and glass wall repair and maintenance. Whether your operable wall partition or glass wall is Hufcor or another brand, we provide repair and maintenance to get it working right.

Services we offer


Preventive Maintenance

At Hufcor, we offer scalable preventive maintenance programs for your operable partition or glass wall that are tailored to your specific needs—allowing you to schedule routine maintenance that helps prolong the life of your investment.


Emergency Service

Hufcor’s quality standards are second to none, yet in the event that your operable partition system does need repair, our trained representatives will perform maintenance quickly and professionally.


Partition Recovering & Refurbishment

There are many reasons why it might be time to give your panels a face-lift. Whether the faces have become worn, stained, or torn over time—or if you just need to update your decor, Hufcor can help.


Service for Non-Hufcor Products

We know about more than just Hufcor products. Our service technicians can also repair competitor partitions. We’ll work with you to assess the problem, make recommendations, provide a quote and schedule repairs.


Turnkey Panel Replacement

At Hufcor, we pride ourselves on the quality and longevity of our panels. However, when the time comes to consider replacement, our team can handle all aspects of a panel’s removal and replacement.


Track & Trolley Replacement

If your operable wall partitions have become difficult or unsafe to move, the issue may not lie with your panels but your system’s track and trolley may require repair. Our team can assess the situation to identify if a repair or replacement is needed.


Replacement Parts

Only Hufcor authorized service technicians have access to genuine Hufcor parts. When you repair with genuine Hufcor parts, you are assured of the best quality for the long life of your operable partition or glass wall.


Acoustical Testing

In accordance with NVLAP guidelines, our certified professionals and state-of-the-art equipment are available to perform on-site field acoustical testing to ensure your panels are performing to standards.

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