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600 Series
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Situational Training Wall Systems

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Panel Types
Panel Features


  • Customizable overhead track and grid to fit within existing building designs.

  • Supported on tracks from above-without the need for floor pins or floor tracks.

  • Constructed of rugged, welded steel frames buttressed by MDF high pressure laminate faces that withstand impacts.

  • At a fraction of the cost, your trainees receive situational training, shooting range stall spaces and more, in a fraction of the time it would take to complete at off-site, fixed wall training facilities.

Wall systems are excellent for shooting stalls, police training and other situational training purposes.

Change scenarios in minutes instead of hours.

For more information on our situational training wall systems, browse our FlexTact brochure.


Create flexible situational training environments, shooting range stalls & more.

FlexTact brings potential scenarios to life, whether you’re conducting situational training for police or fire squads, in need of shooting stalls, or want to simulate a specific setting. FlexTact wall systems are designed for high-impact situational training with steel frames, retractable bottom seals, durable edge trim and more, plus a wide range of add-ons based on your situation training needs.

Durable and flexible

High-pressure laminate faces withstand impact and heavy use.

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