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Explore the Possibilities for Your Space with Our Operable Partitions

The 600 Series is an ideal solution for your space’s folding wall partition needs. It combines the durability of a welded steel frame to achieve greater heights, straight lines and sealability, with  a wide range of acoustical and decorative face  constructions as well as electric train and safety options.

The Summit Vertical series is a retractable panel operable partition solution for combining or dividing your space through vertical-folding panels. Hufcor’s patented vertical lift systems move acoustic operable panels through a narrow slot in the ceiling and stacks them neatly out of sight. An operable wall system, with the simple push of a button!

Hufcor products provide flexible sight and sound separation that enable the users of our foldable wall and operable partitions to control and shape the experience of their space. Our operable partition walls can be easily retracted and expanded to meet your desired space utilization. Discover what Hufcor operable partitions and foldable wall systems can offer your space.

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