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Updated CDC Guidelines Say More is Needed

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its school guidelines last week. The updated guidelines emphasize the importance of keeping schools open if possible.

Previous guidelines suggested the use of face coverings but now the CDC is saying they might be “challenging for students.” They go on to say that face coverings and masks are just one of many important strategies for students and teachers going back to school. Using masks on a consistent basis is extremely important, especially when both are indoors and social distancing becomes more of a challenge.

At Hufcor, we have been following the COVID situation since it began. While life may not be going completely back to normal just yet, we’ve developed some products that will protect both teachers and students so they can get back to something they know.

These products-we call them Protective Partitions-can help with the challenge of social distancing while indoors. Freestanding Partitions create an instant barrier of protection while Roller Partitions create the same and provide a much longer span of up to 26 feet in length when connected. They’re also extremely easy to clean and keep germ-free.

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