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Folding Partitions. Fast and Easy Room Dividers

During my two decades plus of marketing and selling space division products, architects and owners have asked me hundreds of times, “what product is most efficient?” and I always recommend paired-panel folding partitions. Recently, CSI MasterFormat even changed the name of operable partitions listed within Section 10-22-26 to a new section called “Folding Panel Partitions”, 10-22-39. I guess even the expert specifiers have come to realize that folding partitions are the most efficient and effective ways to divide a room wall-to-wall. I’m certainly not suggesting that omni (single panel) directional or electric folding aren’t also very good, but for the most efficient “bang for your space division buck,” paired panel folding partitions are my recommended choice.

The above photo demonstrates a paired-panel folding partition. Folding partitions are designed to divide rooms efficiently by hinging two single operable partition panels together to work as a pair. Each partition has a carrier at the top of each panel that glides smoothly along a straight piece of overhead track.

Because the panels are hinged together, the pairs can be set up very quickly to fill the opening. The video below demonstrates the operation of Hufcor paired panels. A quick-set seal system activates both panels at the same time. Then, the final lever closure system is extended to apply force across the opening to seal the vertical joints to reduce any sound leaks around the panels.

Folding paired panel partitions can be provided in many different types of movable wall systems.

Acoustically rated operable partitions used in offices, schools, hotels, convention centers, religious facilities are most common and installed within almost anywhere someone needs to divide a space quickly. Because folding partitions are both easy to install and use, they are designed into nearly every type of commercial building project. Paired panel partitions have tested acoustical ratings ranging from 43 dB – 55 dB, thus provide a versatile choice for architects and acousticians requiring different acoustical performance.

Frameless Movable Glass Walls also are provided as folding partitions. Paired panel movable glass walls are easy to move and operate especially for retail openings as shown in the photo for Buffalo

Wild Wings.

Acoustically rated glass walls work extremely well as paired panel systems. Again, acoustical movable glass wall systems provide an acoustic separation yet allow natural light to enter into the rooms. To read more about acoustical glass wall systems, click my recent blog post “benefits of acoustical glass walls”. Here’s a unique design using Hufcor acoustical folding glass walls that divide a long narrow foyer into small offices. The new Hufcor lever closure panel is shown here, a special feature exclusively from Hufcor.

Timber framed glass wall panel systems are also configured in paired panel folding partitions. The richness of wood framed glass walls and the convenience of paired panels is evident in the photo below.

Folding partitions are also very easy to stack either at one or both ends of the overhead track. The ease of stacking is another reason architects and owners often choose paired panels. You can see how easy the stack is of the above timber-framed glass partition installed at a Hampton Inn separating the breakfast serving area from the main lobby.

Cost efficiency, convenience and flexibility. Three key reasons I continue to recommend the use of paired panels. For more information on folding partitions, visit or contact a Hufcor authorized representative in your territory, today!


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