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Ask to see test results


The 640 Series (a variant of the 600 Series) panel construction provides architects and building owners industry-leading acoustics, with an STC rating of 56. How can we say this? We have the test results to back it up.


In fact, take a look for yourself.


We can make statements like this about STC because it’s true. When testing operable walls, it is very important that the entire installation is tested-not just a section of an individual panel. The results are very different when testing is performed incorrectly.

The 600 Series 56 STC panel requires Hufcor standard top and bottom “quick-set” mechanical seals. The quick-set seals are activated on the panel’s edge with a half-turn of an operating handle and are spring-loaded to absorb building movements to maintain a tight acoustical seal in the field.


Hufcor’s top and bottom mechanical seals are durable and housed within the panel, unlike bayonet-type plunger “automatic seals” that are susceptible to damage. And the Hufcor seal system is far faster to operate using a quick half turn instead of multi-crank down seals that require up to eleven (11) rotations per inch of seal distance.

Hufcor has long been the leader in acoustic performance among operable partition manufacturers. Since 1969, Hufcor has owned and operated a NVLAP-accredited (Testing Lab Code 100239-0) acoustical lab in Janesville, Wisconsin and tested both our own products and that of other global manufacturers. Hufcor is the only operable partition manufacturer and one of only eight U.S. companies (IBM, 3M, Owens Corning, Dell, John Mansville, Armstrong, USG) that has their own lab for continual testing of STC and NRC (sound absorption).


Hufcor engineering staff members participated in the ASTM E-33 Committee that sets the testing standards for both laboratory and infield acoustical test procedures. The 600 Series 56 STC model was tested using the newest ASTM E-90 standard, following all of the newest upgraded procedures recommended by the E-33 committee.

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